As far as I can tell, the 'problem' with illegal aliens that people have beef with is
1) they don't pay taxes.
2) they aren't citizens.
3) they steal jobs from americans and then send the money back home to mexico.

As far as I can tell, the problem with giving them citizenship in a reasonable way (and a way fair to those who took a while to get it) is two fold:
1) the laws on the books only allow 'skilled' workers to gain citizenship and
2) the government likes to turn a blind eye to the issue, because when things are good, they can pretend our illegals from down south are citizens to aid the business who hire them, and they can point the finger at the illegals when a crisis breaks out or the economy takes a downturn, like it did some years back and eyes turned once again to illegals, whom we treated as scape goats, saying 'we want our jobs back' when indeed, when the economy was good, we wanted better jobs than what they had. The government likes to turn a blind eye when our economy goes well for another reason: to help businesses. the reader will note that it is illegal to be an illegal, but it's not illegal to hire them.
Many point the finger at the illegal, but shouldn't we also point the finger at the government for allowing such a loop hole to take place? This allows businesses to favor illegals, because they can pay illegals next to nothing, and if the illegal doesn't have to pay taxes and social security, then neither does the business. People often forget that businesses have to pay social security every time we do. Why haven't we fixed this yet? It should be illegal to hire an illegal.
On the other side of the coin, 'unskilled' workers should be able to gain citizenship along with 'skilled' workers (people with a degree). When it comes right down to it, Mexicans are better and more willing to do 'unskilled' jobs then we are.
My wife worked in the hotel industry for a number of years. when they were hiring for housekeeping, whites would come in and only ask for desk jobs. they were not interested in the laundry, dusting and cleaning that the mexicans hired there were so proficient at. when they were hired on at those jobs, my wife me, they had a hard time keeping up. On my mission, a cherry farmer told me that it was taking longer for his crop to get harvested 'because quite frankly, there are fewer migrant workers getting over the border.' And when I served in Stevenson, WA, I lived with a man who owned a landscaping company. after research and reading different magazine articles and, eventually, by his own experience, he came to the conclusion that he should hire a mexican over a white american because, he said, they work harder and are 10 times more productive than the average white. He said that if he wanted to keep up in his market place, he needed to hire a mexican.
Hearing and seeing all this has lead me to believe that 'unskilled' work takes alot more skill than meets the eye. I think there should be legislation allowing these hard workers to gain citizenship in the same manner which skilled workers can obtain it. Think of all the mexican illegals working today - imagine if they were eventually all made citizens. The tax dollars rolling in would help America. Think of it. If mexicans saw light at the end of the tunnel for their citizenship, they would move their family up with them once they got it to the states. Therefore, they would no longer be sending money out of the US to support their families, and their families would spend that money here in the states. being citizens (like they want to be), they would pay taxes, not to mention that the businesses that hired them would have to pay the taxes they needed to pay as well, while still being able to hire these excellent workers. The hard truth is that mexicans desiring citizenship should be given it as easily as anyone else. this is admittedly not easy, but right now it is nearly impossible.


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